• Whiskey drinkers will love this! My husband absolutely loved this gift set. Great packaging, the ice molds were large and fit perfectly into the glasses, the coasters added a unique sophisticated look. Would highly recommend!
  • Ordered these with 3 other different Sphere Ice Molds, and this product is by far the best. Just fill to the fill line, add the top, freeze, and remove. Sometimes I've had to use warm water, other times I have not, but regardless, I've always gotten a perfect sphere. The square base makes it super easy to transport from the sink to the freezer, and makes it easy to store as well. The silicone top has made for easy removal, and if I've ever struggled I've just used some warm water and it pops right off. The balls are large and take up most of a whiskey glass, but I've thoroughly enjoyed this product.
    Shane Withers
  • Great set of glasses in a nice case that keeps these looking great. The included ice cube tray keeps the whisky cold without watering it down. Great idea for anyone looking to spice it up.
    Keith Alan